social media posts Jun 10, 2020

We cannot change the world of hatred by hating back
We cannot change the world of disrespect by disrespecting back
We cannot stop the violence in the world by perpetrating even more violence
Our words and actions are the outward expressions of what is in our hearts!
To change the world we need to search within our hearts and be brutally honest with ourselves – DO I VALUE, RESPECT, AND LOVE THE LIFE OF EVERY PERSON I INTERACT WITH. And then take appropriate action to make sure that one day you can say with clear consciousness that I DO!

Everyone needs to take that step and the first step – we cannot wait for someone else to do it first. WE ALL HAVE TO BE THE FIRST ONE AT THE SAME TIME! Until we go back down to the foundational core values of humanity as God created us, we will not be able to create a sustainable change in our society. No amount of protests or laws passed will do the work that we need to create a BETTER SOCIETY FOR OURSELVES AND OUR KIDS! It will only continue...

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The Success Formula

forbes publishing May 15, 2020

I am so honored and humbled to have been nominated and accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council. I am so blessed with having great mentors who always see more in me and challenge me to be more. No matter where we are in life and how successful we think we are, we always can be better and need mentors and coaches who elevate us and celebrate us. And yes, coaches need their own mentors and coaches too!

When I got the call from Forbes informing me that I have been nominated, explaining to me the vetting process that took place, the benefits of being part of the Forbes Coaches Council, and asking me if I would accept the invitation - my response was "Are you kidding me?" Who am I to say no to an opportunity that God opens up for me?

As I was reflecting on this honor and opportunity, I was thinking about the years of continuously investing in myself to be able to add value to others, and I can say with confidence that there really is a formula to success.

Have Mentors and Coaches

One of...

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Growing Through Crisis

social media posts Mar 22, 2020

You might have heard of the saying that circumstances don't make us, circumstances reveal us to ourselves and everyone else around us. It equally applies to the crisis - crisis reveals our leadership strengths and weaknesses. Hence, it helps us see the areas we need to grow in. Don't waste the opportunity today's crisis brings to us to stretch and grow to be the best version of yourself and be the best leader you can be - your family, your community and the world needs you to shine! Invest in improving yourself every day!

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Adaptability is the Name of the Game

social media posts Mar 19, 2020

Adaptability is the Name of the Game – 8 weeks ago we started 2 powerful Mastermind Groups in Person and had an amazing transformational journey – “Becoming a Person of Influence” and “LeaderSHIFT” Mastermind Groups. Wonders happen when powerful like-minded ladies get together in one room and learn, grow and share with full authenticity with each other. Adaptability and Opportunities became an overarching theme of our current circumstances and guess what, we adapted very well – we were forced out of the boardroom to the screens of our computers, but some things will never change. Those are the power of collaboration, empowerment, stretching each other to grow and creating. We might be temporarily forced to do things differently – but it will never change our WHY. Transforming lives and making this world a better place to live for everyone is what GREAT LEADERS DO, especially during trying times like now. Congratulations...

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NewGen Global READERS

articles Mar 01, 2020

We live in a time and world that gives us so many opportunities. With the technological proliferation and permeation of every aspect of our lives and every sector of our society, I am fascinated and energized by the opportunities we have to read and grow all the time. There should be no excuse for not growing and living up to our full potential with so many resources available to us that weren't to our predecessors just a couple of generations ago. 

Just think about it, we have access to:

  1. Public Libraries that are filled with a variety of books that we can all enjoy free of charge (yes it is not totally free - taxpayers pay for it, but that is not the point here),
  2. Online Programs/Apps, like Audible, that allow listening to books while driving, alone or with the family on a road trip, or doing chores at home, or exercising,
  3. Various sources and online bookstores for purchasing used books at much lower prices than buying the new books,
  4. Access to information online through...
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social media posts Jan 30, 2020

Times are changing fast, are you? Think Ahead - Stay Ahead







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Influence Builder

social media posts Jan 23, 2020

"Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less." John C. Maxwell

If you want to be a better leader, you need to elevate your influence. Leadership is a skill that we all possess and can grow if we are intentional and consistent about it. 






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R.E.A.L. Success as the Road to Significance

social media posts May 20, 2019

Success-2-Significance: Success is the prerequisite for significance. To impact others and leave a legacy we need to have success as our foundation. But do you know how to attain REAL success, not the temporary and superficial, but meaningful and long-lasting? Join me in this 4 week ONLINE journey to learn the 4 pillars of success that form a strong foundation for you to stand on and bring others along with you. You cannot give what you do not have, fill your cup with success to share with others!

#Success2Significane #Success #NewGenGlobalLeaders #Legacy #GrowthJourney #ElevateYourLife #ThinkingToSuccess

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articles Nov 05, 2018

Do you want to be successful? No matter how many people I have asked this question, the answer is always – “yes.” I have never met a single person that doesn’t want to be successful.  

However, the answer is not as straightforward when I ask: “What does success look like to you?” Everyone has a different answer. 

If you look up the definition of success in any dictionary, it’s clear that wealth accumulation is used as the primary gauge for success. However, as you explore the stories of many successful people and mentors, wealth accumulation is never the singular driving force for those who’ve achieved great successes. Don't get me wrong, financial stability and prosperity are also important. In fact, I truly believe that money provides 3 things:

  1. Conveniences to live beyond survival mode
  2. Freedom to live up to your dreams
  3. Opportunities to lead others towards living up to their...
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