Happy 4th of July!

social media posts Jul 05, 2020

Happy Independence Day! On this day of Freedom, my prayers are that we all remember the true meaning of Freedom. As we celebrate America’s birthday, I can’t help thinking and reflecting on how the meaning of freedom has been skewed. What saddens me is how much wrong and evil is happening in our country today in the name of Freedom.


Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean you are free to speak words without thinking and considering the consequences of insulting and hurting others

Freedom of Life doesn’t mean you are free to be the judge, jury, and the executioner of someone else’s life

Freedom of Doing doesn’t mean that you are free to destroy or steal what others worked so hard to create.


What Freedom really is:
F – Fair treatment for all, regardless of color, size, background, beliefs, and anything else
– Respecting each other’s differences and similarities
E – Enriching the lives of others by giving
E – Empowering others by believing the best in all
D – Doing onto others as you would wish to be done onto you
M – Mercy is what everyone deserves. No one is perfect, but everyone deserves to be forgiven.

Freedom is a choice we get to make every day.

Use the Freedom we have in this country wisely,
Use the Freedom we have in this country to benefit all, and
Use the Freedom we have in this country to elevate everyone around you.

Remember, by elevating the lives of others you are creating a better society and creating a better home for yourself and your family. As an immigrant in the United States, I am so grateful for the freedom and opportunities this country has afforded me and my family. But I also take upon myself a responsibility and duty to give back to it.

"Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy

Enjoy this beautiful day celebrating with your loved ones and share how you are grateful for it. Remember that with your words and actions every day you do contribute to the well-being and prosperity of our country. 











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