social media posts Jun 10, 2020

We cannot change the world of hatred by hating back
We cannot change the world of disrespect by disrespecting back
We cannot stop the violence in the world by perpetrating even more violence
Our words and actions are the outward expressions of what is in our hearts!
To change the world we need to search within our hearts and be brutally honest with ourselves – DO I VALUE, RESPECT, AND LOVE THE LIFE OF EVERY PERSON I INTERACT WITH. And then take appropriate action to make sure that one day you can say with clear consciousness that I DO!

Everyone needs to take that step and the first step – we cannot wait for someone else to do it first. WE ALL HAVE TO BE THE FIRST ONE AT THE SAME TIME! Until we go back down to the foundational core values of humanity as God created us, we will not be able to create a sustainable change in our society. No amount of protests or laws passed will do the work that we need to create a BETTER SOCIETY FOR OURSELVES AND OUR KIDS! It will only continue being the band-aid solution while the root causes of the problem are not being addressed. THE WORK THAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE MUST BE DONE WITHIN EACH ONE OF US! BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS WORLD!

CHANGE what you believe about yourself and others

CHANGE how you think about yourself and others

CHANGE how you treat yourself and others

CHANGE how you respond to others' disrespectful and hateful comments

Create that change with LOVE, VALUE, AND RESPECT for yourself and everyone else around you!

Tolerance only perpetuates the problem!









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