Martin Luther King Jr's Legacy - Love is a Choice!

holiday post Jan 16, 2023

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy today, I cannot help but think of one of my favorite quotes by him: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

Love is the greatest and most powerful weapon we all have for creating a better world. No rules, no laws, and no legislation can create the lasting change that pure love can. But it all starts with us - one person at a time and every single one of us making that first step, not waiting for anyone else to show the love first.

When we are willing to love our neighbor as we love ourselves,
When we are willing to think thoughts and speak words of kindness and love,
When we are willing to value every single life, 
We plant the seed of love and greatness even in the most difficult circumstances and environments!

Stop hurting – start healing
Stop talking – start listening
Stop judging – start understanding
Stop condemning – start forgiving
Stop demanding – start giving!

This is the only way to heal and grow together and make this world a better place!

Love is a choice. So, choose love and it will drive out all the hatred and the darkness!



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