Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel

forbes publishing Apr 08, 2021

Such an honor to be one of the contributors to the Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel. Feeling stuck is a feeling that everyone experiences at least one time in their career. Professionals invest so much time and money developing their skills and expertise, but very little time to stop and reflect on the rewards and satisfaction they get from their profession. This introspection is a critical element in both preventing and overcoming the dissatisfaction that comes from feeling stuck. The power is in asking yourself profound questions and being brutally honest with yourself. Check out these 12 most helpful questions to ask yourself:

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Forbes Coaches Council Post - 14 Critical First Steps To Solving a Problem

forbes publishing Jul 17, 2020

Such an honor to be one of the contributors to the Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel. As we tackle the unprecedented problems we all face in 2020, the reality is that problems are facts of life and everyone has them – both in personal life and in business. Having a problem-solving mindset and the right approach is a skill that can be learned and is clearly outlined in the 14 steps. Enjoy the read and apply it in your life – you will be amazed by the results if you are intentional about applying it, just knowing the steps is not enough!

In many cases, the first step you take toward solving a problem helps to make the solution apparent. Here's what to do when you're faced with a business challenge.
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The Success Formula

forbes publishing May 15, 2020

I am so honored and humbled to have been nominated and accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council. I am so blessed with having great mentors who always see more in me and challenge me to be more. No matter where we are in life and how successful we think we are, we always can be better and need mentors and coaches who elevate us and celebrate us. And yes, coaches need their own mentors and coaches too!

When I got the call from Forbes informing me that I have been nominated, explaining to me the vetting process that took place, the benefits of being part of the Forbes Coaches Council, and asking me if I would accept the invitation - my response was "Are you kidding me?" Who am I to say no to an opportunity that God opens up for me?

As I was reflecting on this honor and opportunity, I was thinking about the years of continuously investing in myself to be able to add value to others, and I can say with confidence that there really is a formula to success.

Have Mentors and Coaches

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