Success Is Achieved One Step at a Time

social media posts Oct 12, 2020

Way too often people quit before achieving their dreams and goals because they hope and aim to achieve them fast and without detours along the way. In technologically sophisticated age that we are living in, we have been trained to expect instant results - everything is at our fingertips. So instant gratification is a pandemic that is more dangerous for our future than the Coronavirus has been because it is destroying the tenacity that is required for any success. Success is a journey full of ups and downs, full of failures and small successes, and more importantly - success is a journey full of small changes. I call them BABY STEPS that should be taken INTENTIONALLY and with CONSISTENCY every day. You will not see the effects of this daily baby step changes - but the CUMULATIVE IMPACT of it will be MASSIVE! Imagine if you make 1% change a week (not even a day) in 52 weeks of a year, you will see more than 50% change in your thinking, in your behavior and in your results. What do you need to change to move you closer to the success? Can you commit to yourself taking a baby step every day to move you towards that change?


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