Sales is Like Leadership

character talks Jan 10, 2023
Sales is like leadership - you don't need a position to do it. In fact, we all are leaders in some area of our lives and we all are selling ourselves all the time - which leads to the sale of the service or product we specialize in.
In his book Integrity Selling for the 21st Century, Ron Willingham says "Selling is identifying and filling needs people have and creating value for them."
Can you also see how sales is like leadership in terms of adding value to others?
Unfortunately, due to some bad sales experiences in our lives, the value and importance of sales have been tainted and many find themselves wanting nothing to do with sales.
However, if you intentionally reflect, can you see how many times throughout the day in your interactions with customers, family, and friends you find yourself trying to sell something?
The reality is that we all are selling ourselves, our ideas, our desires, our services, and our products all day long....
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