Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel: Leveraging Behavioral Science To Build Better Habits

forbes publishing Jun 23, 2021

"We first make our habits, then our habits make us." John Dryden

Did you know that habits form somewhere between 40% and 95% of our daily activities? This includes our thinking, our choices, and our actions. These habits eventually are transformed into tangible results.

So whenever you are not happy with the results you get - in life, relationships, and business - inspect your own habits. The field of behavioral science has given us a lot of insight into human nature and behavior. We are so blessed to be equipped with such valuable insight which makes it easier to replace the habits that don't serve us with the habits for success.

It is such an honor to be included in the Expert Panel discussion by Forbes Coaches Council sharing how to leverage behavioral science to replace unwanted harmful habits with habits that will help you elevate your life.

Enjoy this quick but powerful read: Leveraging Behavioral Science To Build Better Habits: 10 Expert Tips




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