Forbes Coaches Council Post - 14 Critical First Steps To Solving a Problem

Such an honor to be one of the contributors to the Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel. As we tackle the unprecedented problems we all face in 2020, the reality is that problems are facts of life and everyone has them – both in personal life and in business. Having a problem-solving mindset and right approach is a skill that can be learned and is clearly outlined in the 14 steps. Enjoy the read and apply it in your life – you will be amazed by the results if you are intentional about applying it, just knowing the steps is not enough!

In many cases, the first step you take toward solving a problem helps to make the solution apparent. Here's what to do when you're faced with a business challenge.
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Adaptability is the Name of the Game

Adaptability is the Name of the Game – 8 weeks ago we started 2 powerful Mastermind Groups in Person and had an amazing transformational journey – “Becoming a Person of Influence” and “LeaderSHIFT” Mastermind Groups. Wonders happen when powerful like minded ladies get together in one room and learn, grow and share with full authenticity with each other. Adaptability and Opportunities became on overarching theme of our current circumstances and guess what, we adapted very well – we were forced out of the boardroom to the screens of our computers, but some things will never change. Those are the power of collaboration, empowerment, stretching each other to grow and creating . We might be temporarily forced to do things differently – but it will never change our WHY. Transforming lives and making this world a better place to live for everyone is what GREAT LEADERS DO, especially during the trying times like now. ...

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