Resilience is All About Action

social media posts Jul 15, 2021

RESILIENCE IS ALL ABOUT ACTION - what we are actually doing even when we are knocked down by business failures, traumas, life's challenges, and results of our own mistakes and choices.


Focusing on the past creates Pain

Focusing on the failures creates more Failure

Focusing on the promising future creates Hope

Focusing on the steps we can take creates Success


Resilience is changing our focus from the past to the future by taking that one next step you know you have to take NOW.


Is it easy - NOT ALL

Is it painful - VERY MUCH SO

Is it worth it - ABSOLUTELY

Staying in the past failure and pain will only create more of it in the future

Looking forward with hope will only LEAD TO SUCCESS & SIGNIFICANCE


Even when we don't know what tomorrow holds, we always know what we can do today. There is no going back - FOCUS ON MOVING FORWARD & UPWARD!


What is that one next step that you know you can take and keep taking until you know more? Take that one step and trust that God will show you what you need to do next and what you need to do tomorrow.










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