The Only Remedy to the Overwhelm Momentum

social media posts Feb 01, 2021
Overwhelm is paralyzing and the enemy of success because it hinders your progress! Intentional focus is stimulating and is your fuel for success because it builds and keeps the momentum going! Very often having clarity about your purpose and knowing what you need to do to accomplish it is not enough to keep you going because of the overwhelm. Other times overwhelm occurs because of all life's distractions. The only remedy to the overwhelm is the MOMENTUM. If you intentionally focus on the next step you need to take - not even the 10th or 20th steps, just that one next step - it will lead you into the action which will build up the momentum and ignite your energy within and that will fuel your intentional focus on the next step. This endless cycle of intentionally focus on one thing you know you need to do now to achieve your goal will build up the momentum and will catapult you to success!

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