First John C. Maxwell’s Book Translated into Armenian

Uncategorized May 17, 2021

Ever since 2015 when I became a John C. Maxwell Certified Trainer, Speaker, & Coach I have used numerous of his materials for first my personal and professional growth, coaching and training of many CEOs and leaders, team building and development - just to mention the few, both with adults and youth. My desire has always been that Maxwell’s transformational material would be available in the Armenian language to expand and help develop great leaders in my homeland and amongst Armenians around the world. Finally, I am so excited to see that one of the first John C. Maxwell’s books I read and trained with dozens of times with hundreds of people is finally translated into Armenian! I don’t believe in coincidences – God is opening the doors and positioning the resources for me to empower, elevate and enrich the lives of leaders around the world at an even deeper level. Hold your vision, keep working towards your dream, and in divine timing, the floodgates will open!

Thank you Maria Semerjian for translating it, EditPrint in Armenian for printing it, and Abril Bookstore for selling it! Perfect translation as far as I have been able to read it.



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